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Spy Earpiece to Exams Cheat

In this section you will find all the products in our covert spy Earpieces shop, likely to be used as Spy Covert Earpiece to Exams Cheat and our policy about.

It may be possible that in your country, the use of Spy earpieces in exams is regulated or even illegal (in China and Kenya there are specific laws that prohibit use of Spy earpieces in exams).

The sale of any kind of Earpieces is legal in Spain, as is their export to the rest of the world, but it is your responsibility, to make sure you use our Covert Earpieces in accordance with the laws of your country.

Although our Spy Covert Earpieces were designed initially for security and Theatre and Media professionals, Internet has popularized these products to the point that many sites are encouraging their use to cheat in exams.

The earpiece for exams is dealt with on this website, we have received many questions and suggestions regarding our earpieces and press reports are increasingly linking the invisible earpiece with it use as Earpieces for exams.

Who can buy a Spy Earpiece?

Given that Covert Earpieces are 100% legal, anyone can buy a Spy Earpiece, in fact there are even recommended uses for these products: – To study without anyone knowing. With a Covert Earpiece, you can study when travelling on the underground or in situations where you do not want anyone to notice that you are listening to your study material.During certain tasks, travelling on the underground etc. through the recording on a “Spy Earpiece mp3” you can listen discreetly at will to the material you need to study. Recite Conferences. You can record your conference beforehand on an “mp3 Spy Earpiece” and calmly repeat it error-free. – Assistance for job interviews, negotiations, etc. simultaneous translation. A Covert Earpiece can become your assistant, from an unlimited distance, from across the country, it will assist you without anyone noticing anything, your assistant will hear everything you tell them, the entire conversation, they can even hear your breathing or anything you whisper without those around you not noticing anything.

Is it legal to use a  spy earpiece to exames cheat?

As the “Spy Earpiece Shop”, our position in this regard is very clear: In Spain, it is possible and it is not expressly illegal to use these products in cases where it is expressly permitted to use audiovisual material, UNOFFICIAL exams, exhibitions etc. We know from the media that the spy earpieces to exams system is becoming increasingly more common, it is even possible to find online stores which encourage the useof all types of these products. But despite the fact that a judge has given an opinion about the different situations where “covert earpieces to test cheat systems” have been used, to date, we have not found any condemnation or legal difference between the use of these products to exams cheat and any other system for exam cheating, however we insist you check the law in your country and make sure you comply with it.

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Are there any known cases of the uses of Spy Earpiece to cheat during driving license exams?

Much to our regret, and here, in Spain, where the Chinese have set the tone, and have already been detained several times using the Spy Earpiece to cheat in driving license examinations, in this case the Police arrests and investigations have always been due to the connection with organised crime, as mafia organisations rent covert earpieces and charge extortionate sums of money for providing this support.

At this point, the case of covert spy earpieces used to copy in the yacht master´s exam comes to mind with the detection of someone famous, we are unaware if anyone was charged with using the spy earpieces, as that particular raid was to search for fake identity card and people supplanting others in the exam.

Although we are unaware of any convictions for using covert earpieces, we understand that it is at least unethical and illegal to use it in an official examination, just like copying with any other system

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Are there ways to use an earpiece for exams which are ethically correct?

Spanish law says that no fraud take place if there is no harm to others, so it is legal to use a Spy Earpiece provided it does not harm anyone. In China, for example there is a law that precisely regulates the use of electronic systems in exams, but in Spain, we apply the same ethics and laws as the use of any other system to cheat in exams