Spy Earpiece, authentic secure and covert communications

The Best Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Takoon with Lar sistem

Takoon Covert Earpiece (completely invisible Lar® system)

Takoon with Lar® system are the pinnacle in covert communication. This “spy bluetooth earpiece” system is easily recognizable thanks to its unique features:
– No antennas.
– No sound can be heard from it
– Immune to inhibitors, cannot be detected or blocked
– Ergonomic shape
– Highly sensitive microphone

– No antennas. This feature is very important, as most Covert Earpieces, need external antennas
– No sound can be heard from it. Manufactured in inert polymer, with no sound output, cheap spy earpiece are made of cheap plastic and produce vibrations enabling them to be heard from the outside, our earpieces are made from materials similar to those used in the manufacture of top quality hearing aids.
– Ergonomic shape. The ergonomic shape guarantees and ensures that the Covert earpiece remains firmly hidden within the ear and will not fall out unexpectedly.

Fake Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Takoon , can a Mir Covert Earpiece be sold by anyone?

We have just seen the four mainstays that distinguish the Takoon Covert Earpieces. A Lar® system cannot be sold by just anyone, ® is an industrial property right protected and granted exclusively in the name of Eduardo Hernando de Liñan by the Spanish Ministry of Industry with universal protection. This can be checked on the online service of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, by visiting the Patent and Brand section.

The Takoon Spy Bluetooth Earpiece unlike the rest of our Spy Earpieces can only be delivered from Zaragoza (Spain). Once you know this it will be difficult to be tricked into purchasing a fake Takoon Earpiece on internet.
But be very careful, our texts are often copied by Russian, Italian, Chinese and even Spanish web sellers, fake Takoon Covert Earpieces have even been known to have been offered by 15 year olds, automated robots are now capable of creating fake stores in seconds duplicating all kinds of pages; their aim is not to sell products but to spread Trojan viruses that capture passwords.
The only official sites for international sales are:

Customised Spy Bluetooth Earpieces with Lar® system
The Takoon Covert Earpiece system comes with the option to customise it for the customer’s ear.

This option ensures the perfect result, total invisibility, even with small ear or difficult shaped ears, our technicians will explain how, a professional in your city or country will be able to make a mould in the shape of your auditory canal, which can be sent to us to customise your Takoon Covert Earpiece.