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Spy Earpiece With Face Mask

Spy Earpiece With Face Mask



The “Spy earpiece with Mask” is the innovation of 2021 when it comes to versions of the Takoon Spy earpiece

How does the «Spy earpiece with Mask» work?

The Spy earpiece with Mask will allow you to connect it to any mobile phone, this hidden earpiece can automatically answer any call and connects you with it automatically.

You will be able to listen to your assistant and talk to him, with the advantage of having your mouth covered by a mask that hides the microphone and allows you to speak and listen without anyone noticing anything strange.

What is the Spy earpiece with Mask?

Normally Spy earpieces use an induction loop, the cheaper the product, the more cumbersome the induction loop is… When we talk about Spy earpieces with Mask we are talking about hidden earphones without induction loop.

That signal that the induction loop produced is now emitted from a small device that is hidden in the mask. Which by the way is totally normal, so if you opt for this equipment, keep in mind that the approval and protection of the mask is canceled in the moment it is handled, so if you need protection against viruses you will have to use another mask that protects your health.

You can move the microphone system from one mask to another so that you can use the mask that is most natural to your appearance

Contents of the Spy earpiece with Mask

This Spy Earpiece has:

  • Takoon Hidden Earphone
  • Mask for Takoon Spy earpiece with bluetooth transmission, microphone and induction coil

Opinions Spy earpiece with Mask

It is too early for there to be opinions about this Spy earpiece with Mask because obviously before 2020 this option did not exist, but those who have thought of this product as Spy earpiece with camera think the following:

  • The system that allows you to change the mask is great: Obviously they are devices that are mounted using disposable masks in order not to arouse suspicion … they are the least suspicious, but of course … they are fragile and it is essential to be able to change the mechanism to a new mask.