Spy Earpiece, authentic secure and covert communications

The Spy Earpiece Camera concept

But since then we have been working to fit our covert earpieces with cameras specifically designed to transmit documents, although the technology had not been sufficiently developed to enable our customers to transmit images with sufficient quality; over long distances.

Just two years ago we obtained the first really effective Spy Earpiece Camera systems; the Spy Covert Earpiece with Camera kits, with the real capacity to transmit documents to an assistant at an unlimited distance away with the need to make any suspicious movement…

Spy Earpiece Camera, features required

Even today image transmission by radio is difficult, for this reason, TV antennas continue to have a place on rooftops and it is imperative that they are perfectly directed towards the transmitter.

The new 3G GPRS Camera to Spy Covert Earpiece systems have solved these problems, but even so we must become very familiar with the product we are going to use.

For a camera to work effectively with a Spy Earpiece or Takoon Covert Earpiece a number of essential features must be fulfilled which most commercial cameras fail to meet.

Earpiece with Camera cheat exam

– Unlimited distance

– Lens calibrated for texts

– Undetectable use

– Transmission of full pages

– Option of remote control by the assistant

– Easily camouflaged

Inoperatives Spy Earpiece Cameras:

Spy Earpiece Radio Pen Camera

On occasions fake Camera to Spy Earpieces are on offer but they often have the following deficiencies:  – Very short transmission distance, – Lens unfit for texts or cannot transmit information only being able to record it. Spy Earpiece Camera, rip-offs and scams with Camera Spy Earpiece The following is a description of the various rip-offs and scams that can be found on the market, usually Chinese products. Numerous websites offer “Spy pen cameras” transmitting on 1200 or 2400MHz frequencies, these pens (one is green and the other metallic) have the following problems: – They never reach beyond a 50 ft range – They are unable to pass through a single wall – The pen is very heavy. – The pen is very thick Spy Earpiece Camera Pen Spy Earpiece Radio Pen Camera

Spy Earpiece Record only Pen Cameras

Different websites offer Pen Camera systems which only record; they do not transmit over any distance and of course, are useless as a Spy Earpiece Camera.

Spy Earpiece chinese quality Button cameras

There are several Button camera systems on the market, most of them are toys that do not cost more than €30 Euros, but depending on the store they can cost as much as €500 (often when it is exactly the same camera), these cameras will certainly not serve as a Spy Earpiece Camera, as they are unable to pass through walls and their reach or coverage disappears the moment we have to use a tiny antenna hidden on the body. There are indeed very few cameras that will allow us to obtain a perfect result when used alongside a Spy Earpiece. We basically offer three high quality models, one of which we have created ourselves and is quite honestly perfect, the highly recommended 3G-GPRS Spy Earpiece Camera