Spy Earpiece, authentic secure and covert communications

“Spy Earpiece Camera”, Covert Camera to Phonak and Takoon Earpieces

“Spy Earpiece Camera”, Covert Camera to Phonak and Takoon Earpieces



Spy Earpiece Camera

Wait for the video to load, this is one of those cases where the images speak for themselves

The Spy Earpieces Camera Lar® is the best complement for a Spy Covert Earpiece and the best equipment we commercialise, it is our own design, just like the rest of the Lar® systems.

The video is NOT a re-enactment, we certify in writing that the video shows real use recorded very close up, closer than anyone could ever get.

Imagine a camera which can appear, transmit and if anyone suspects you, disappears in less than a second, that’s the “Lar®” camera for Spy Earpieces

If you prefer, request an appointment, we will assign a commercial rep. and they will show you just how this wonder operates

– No distance limitations

– Transmission of pages and paragraphs in real time

GPRS and 3G transmission

Absolute, complete invisibility and undetectability during use

Much time and patience has been necessary, as the technique, until relatively recently, did not permit documents to be transmitted on the 3G bandwidth

Original product of the holder of all the Lar® rights



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