Spy Earpiece, authentic secure and covert communications

“Spy Earpiece Takoon” Professional & Completely Covert Earpiece

“Spy Earpiece Takoon” Professional & Completely Covert Earpiece


The best Spy Erpiece by SosEspias®

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Spy Earpiece Takoon by SosEspias® Covert Earpiece (Completely invisible from any angle)

Takoon exclusive technology improving on its predecessor in various ways  (Sim 21 Covert Earpiece)

WITHOUT outside Antenna

WITHOUT any outside Sound

WITHOUT any risk of the device dropping or falling out as it is ergonomic

–  (T.I.C.E.) Totally Intra Canal Earpiece with optimized shape which is fully anchored and totally invisible.

Immune to inhibitors

27% more autonomy, than the Sim 21: up to 16 hours of continuous operation

13% more invisible than the Sim 21

Highly sensitivity microphone also improves on its predecessor and especially useful when talking where there is absolute silence

Learn more, about the professional earpieces for covert communication Takoon & Sim 21 Spy Earpieces



1.160 € Full Kit

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2 cm