Spy Earpiece, authentic secure and covert communications

“Spy Earpiece Sim 21”, Professional & Completely Covert Earpiece

“Spy Earpiece Sim 21”, Professional & Completely Covert Earpiece


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Spy Earpiece Sim 21

A designation “Simdefines our professional top category for covert communications.

WITHOUT outside Antenna

WITHOUT any outside Sound

WITHOUT any risk of the device dropping or falling out as it is ergonomic

High-Gain Microphone specially selected for covert communication

–  (T.I.C.E.)  Totally Intra Canal Earpiece with optimized shape which is fully anchored and totally invisible.

Immune to inhibitors

The Sim 21 model is the basic model of our professional range of Covert Earpieces, designed especially to overcome highly important circumstances, where total invisibility is prime. The Sim 21 Covert Earpiece allows fully duplex communication (talking and listening simultaneously) completely undetectable, with no outside noise, failure free, bringing together our best technology and materials used only in the best hearing aids.



910€ Full Kit


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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 2 cm